Chhattisgarh Fights COVID-19’

Team Reincarnating takes pride in appreciating those people/department,that make a difference to the nation in any possible way.

This year, team Reincarnating salutes the ‘GOVERNMENT OF CHHATTISGARH’ working to fight against COVID-19. The various initiatives taken by our government has caused a huge improvement in the environment and morale of the citizens. Such compassion for the follow citizens is worth acknowledging and appreciating.

We feel extremely happy to announce that the state has the least of COVID-19 cases, with 0 casualty. Our state has proved to be the best manager of every bit almost every time.

Our state is the most emerging state around the country,may it be in terms of-

Education/financial management/medical/business/services/primary sector/power generation.


The officials and all the members of the department have played a very crucial role in working together to achieve the target that had set during the initiatives of fighting COVID-19.

They have indeed solved many cases and helped in stopping many cases from happening in the state in the last month.

Our state had fought bravely for the security and safeguarding pf it’s citizens.


Proud to be the part of state CHHATTISGARH.


Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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