Sad About The Breakup? Be Glad It Happened….

BreakupHave you ever had your heart broken by someone? Have you been dumped by someone who you loved with all your heart, mind and soul? Are you still unhappy about it? Do you think you are the reason for it?

Remember, when things like these happen around us, it seems like everything is crumbling. Whether someone has left us or we have been separated due to some reasons or for some time, that pain that challenge, it puts everything into Question-Whatever we have been striving for or we have been trying to build together.

If your friends or family seem particularly happy about it, they probably saw it before you did. They may not be willing to admit that they’re happy that you’ve finally broken up because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. Don’t take it against them. They’re just happy you made the decision to say goodbye to someone who doesn’t deserve you.

Because, just imagine this for a moment, in those situations you’re actually letting go and being saved from a lifetime of pain and aggravation. Imagine being with someone who is with you only externally but internally they’re not sure if they want to be with you thinking whether you are their best suited match. Imagine being with someone all your life who at the back of their mind are not thinking about moving forward with you. imagine spending your whole life with someone who would’ve left you, who thought they should’ve left you.

For someone like that, even at your best you’ll never be the right person. And even at your worst, the right person will remind you of your worth and that’s something that’ll be worth it.

Look at the positive side of it -Your world used to revolve around them but now you can finally pursue the things that make you feel alive. You’ve suddenly gained so much time to shop, wander, read, play sports, chill with your furry friends while watching Netflix, etc

Being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t give you the care, respect, and love you deserve isn’t easy. It can decimate your self-worth and it can make you hate yourself. That’s the last thing you want to happen.

If you don’t love yourself enough and you don’t set boundaries in the relationship you’re in, it’s going to be harmful, not just for you but for your partner as well. It’s never too late to learn to set boundaries and love yourself because you are worth it.


-By Drishti Kothari

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