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The story of a true patriot – Archana Jha


Archana JhaAn officer from Chhattisgarh has set a new example of dedication by showing extreme love for her nation. Mrs. Archana Jha, a crime ASP in Raipur City is focused about her priorities in life.
She is married, and her husband used to work in Bilaspur but she stayed in Raipur with her daughter (presently she is in Bilaspur and her husband is in Raipur). Despite of not being single, she is bringing up her girl like a single parent does. She is a loving and a caring mother and also very protective about her girl staying alone at home when she is away for her work. Her love for the country won’t let her stay at home. So, she found a mid-way solution. She took her child while she was on duty at times. And she availed herself of just four and half months of maternity where other women take up extra time post-partum, which is not even a quarter of the privilege that the Central Government offers to the female staff.
She was seen working on the security arrangements for the Chief Minister’s event, in the bustling city of Chhattisgarh, during her pregnancy. Well, she doesn’t seem to put her duty to rest even post delivery and sets out to patrol the streets making it safe for the citizens at night. And during all this she also fulfilled all her duties as a mother to this little baby by taking her newborn along with her to work. She is largely appreciated for her courage.
Archana JhaIt is a proud moment for all of us that we have such an honest and a true officer near us who is doing much for the nation and it’s citizens.
Salute to her bravery and dedication!!

Story by- Durganshi Jal

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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