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Ankit Sharda: 1st Indian Psychedelic Trance Vocalist!

Ankit Sharda, a resident of Raipur is the 1st Indian Psychedelic Trance Vocalist!

At a very young age Ankit has been able to achieve a lot and there still is a long way ahead.AnkitAnkit’s father, a businessman by profession, had a keen interest in playing the piano and that’s where Ankit found his passion for music. He would learn from his father and would thoroughly practice all day. He was determined to make a career out of it. He would sing and play the instrument at the annual functions in his school and also started making his own compositions. In 2009 he started his own YouTube channel where he uploaded his compositions. Unfortunately, the channel didn’t pick up well.

He joined Columbia Institute of Technology for a degree in mechanical engineering. Though his will was to drop studying and focus on his music career, his parents   wanted him to get a degree, which he eventually did get. All through his college years his focus remained on making music. He would perform in stage shows and malls and every event at college. Even during exams, he would keep creating his records and studied the very morning of the exam, such was his passion!Ankit

After he completed his engineering, he went ahead to Delhi for a master’s diploma in automotive design engineering. His main focus still remained his music career. He wanted to make a few contacts in the big city in order to get where he dreamt to be. Nothing seemed to turn the tables favourably. For his mental peace, Ankit would meditate and on his headphones that also had mic, he would record mantras and upload them on a website called LOOPERMAN.COM. With not much expectation, he wrote under his composition for anyone who wanted to use the record or collaborate with him, should contact him through his Facebook.

AnkitA start of something completely new and unexpected, international artists started contacting him. A famous DJ from Brazil called Camel Light contacted him. This was his first psy trance release. Ankit had found his genre! This particular record stood a number 46 on worldwide DJ website.

There was no looking back for Ankit after this. Israeli artist Omiki recorded the famous song Krishna Krishna with Ankit and another artist, Planet6. This was his Ankitbig break! It took one month for Krishna to get ready and it stayed on number 1 on the beatport chart for 16 days! Hearing this, Dimibo from Seattle, Washington, collaborated with ankit for his track Fortune & Glory. Armada music signed fortune & glory in its track album, this gave Ankit huge recognition. This track was played at EDC the music festival and more than 2 lac people grooved to it! Recently Ankit joined Omiki on his India tour on 22nd July at Pebble The Jungle Lounge, Bengaluru where he performed live as a Psy-trance Vocalist. It was the first time ever for the Indian audience to be drenched in the Psy-trance Vocal aura.

Ankit has offers from a lot of leading artists and many of his projects are under the making. He has been promised a music world tour by Omiki himself and is looking forward to further such achievements.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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