Anjali Nair: A Girl on small wheels with huge Dreams…

Anjali NairAnjali Nair: a girl on small wheels with huge dreams

“When there’s a potential to succeed in whatever you do, no barrier can stop your journey ahead”- stands true to this quote is Anjali Nair. A sports-person with limitless possibilities and high on wheels attitude. A pioneer for a sport less known in suburbs- Rollball, in Raipur.Anjali Nair

Belonging to a Malyali joint family, Anjali admits about having a knack for sports early in her childhood. Currently pursuing her graduation in Commerce from Bhartiya Vidyapeeth, Pune, her story as a sports star starts as early as when she was just 6 years old. It was a matter of luck by chance when she got into skating because of her cousin, and that was the game changing decision for her in all perspectives.

It was where she was noticed by her sports teacher from school, and was given a chance to play in the National Rollball Championship because of the team being short of one player. Although she had no idea about Rollball initially, but the sport amused her in a great way. She kept on playing and improving her game with regular practice. She also went on representing her country in the Rollball World cup because of all the hardwork and discipline.Anjali Nair

Anjali NairA person’s success is measured by their achievements and to count- Anjali has won a lot of prizes in tournaments along with the team which include a Silver medal in the 3rd Rollball World cup held in Pune and a Gold in the 4th World Cup in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her achievements also include 2 Bronze, 2 Silver and a Gold medal in Senior Rollball Championship, a Gold Medal in SGFI-U19, and another Gold Medal in 2nd South Asian Championship in Dhaka. She later went on receiving the Shahid Rajiv Pandey award by the Chief minister of Chhattisgarh.Anjali Nair

A gain at one is the loss at other in many cases, but not when Anjali has a routine setup for her studies as well as her game as she precisely practises for her game before a tournament, and manages all the notes after the tournament is over. To manage all these things, a support is always vital, and with such supportive parents like hers, it’s a blessing in disguise. Another good part about her family is that her cousin also plays alongside her and that surely helps her in a psychological way. Talking about her future plans, Anjali looks forward to being a Sports Psychology Professor alongside keeping her game alive, and her main motive being the advancement and evolution of the scope of the sport in Raipur. All the best wishes to the young spirit!

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