Abhishek Tiwari: proving an asset of cycling with excellence

Abhishek TiwariAbhishek Tiwari: proving an asset of cycling with excellence

“When you have the craving to test and beat yourself in every aspect of life, this is where the best of your character shines the brightest”- quote goes perfectly with Abhishek Tiwari. An achiever, believer, and most of which- a rondennuer.Abhishek Tiwari

Born and brought up in the capital city, Raipur, Abhishek has always been a hardworking lad. Currently recruited at Monnet Hira Power, no one would believe at how latest has he stepped into this world of cycling. It was a case of accident or co-accident when he was in Delhi for a meeting and was called up by one of his friends from Raipur talking about a 50 kms Sunday ride on cycle. This made him furious as such a thing was nothing more than a silly joke to him. Not only furious, but it also made him curious as it was unheard for him before this.

Abhishek TiwariSeptember, 2017– when Abhishek started his journey as a cyclist, and then there was no looking back for him. He went on completing Brevets (a long distance cycling challenge to be completed in a specific time period) of 200, 300, 400 and later skipped the 600 to complete the 1200 in 83.3 hours directly. When talked about all these, Abhishek feels himself to be very lucky as he could get into cycling. Not only has cycling taught him a lot about life, his experiences with brevets have been spellbinding; especially the 1200 kms brevet where he got to cycle for three consecutive days.Abhishek Tiwari

It comes as no surprise when we see Abhishek achieving so much and more in such a short time. It’s his hardwork and regular practice (50 kms ride on alternate days at 4 in the morning, and 150 kms on Sundays) which  has brought him here and he’ll surely be getting better and greater with each passing day. We wish him with the best of stamina and discipline he would need for some more record breaking rides, and with a supportive family, we’re sure that he surely will.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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